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A medical device company was launching a handheld PDA for doctors and nurses to use in their workflow when writing a script. This was a new technology in the marketplace. Information was to be captured electronically in order to streamline efficiencies, save dollars and more importantly reduce potential risk to the patient. Acceptance of the device by end users was a critical objective for the success of this roll out and the company profitability.


• To deliver training from superior professionals ‘that get it right the first time’ when delivering training that simplifies and shortens the learning curve.
• To hire experienced & properly educated learning professionals that thrive and have the true credentials to deliver on time and within budget.
• To identify a key project manager that had the proper resource to hand pick a dream team of varying experts (Medical/technical/and training backgrounds) that would analyze, design, collaborate, develop and deliver training curriculum in a 2 week timeline.

Why did this company choose ESource?

• For over 12 years Our Core Business and Core Relationships are with perfect business fit & well known learning experts (Example: Pat Brost, Brent Hewlett, and Leigh Anne McIntyre – to name a few).
• Each of our consultants in our database – 16,000 strong – has demonstrated successful product launches or other learning initiatives with solid Return on Investment statements.
• ESource has the ability to stand up large project teams for learning initiatives with tight windows that are industry specific, geographically specific and skill set specific.


• An on time, on budget, successful product launch.
• Over 40,000 doctors and nurses successfully trained in 5 months (1 month earlier than scheduled)
• Early delivery resulted in approximately a $600,000 savings on wages.
• Early delivery resulted in approximately a $200,000 travel expense savings.
• Achieve successful end user acceptance of medical device.
• Higher prescription accuracy saved lives.

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